Tips on How to Find the Best Dentist in Jacksonville, FL

In the times in which we live, more attention is being turned to health and caring for ourselves properly. And for each and every one of us to be at peak health, it is important to regularly visit the office of a dentist. This is essential not only for maintenance and preventative care but for repairs of teeth when necessary and procedures to ensure that our oral health stays at maximum.

But for those of us who have not already found a dentist that we are pleased with, it can feel like the process of locating one is intimidating.

In this article, we will share tips on how to find the best dentist in Jacksonville, whether you are new to the area or have called it home for some time.

1. Beginning the Search

So you are looking for not only a dentist to suit your needs but the best dentist located in Jacksonville? This may seem like a difficult process, but in reality, it isn’t as hard as you think.

One way to zero in on a reputable dentist is to ask friends and family who live in the same city that you do.

Most of us, if not all, have seen a dentist at least once during the last year. Therefore, it is very likely that a loved one, whom you trust, will have an excellent recommendation that can wind up landing you in the chair of the very best dentist practicing near where you live.

Another option, which has been suggested by the American Dental Association, is to ask other individuals working in the medical field, such as your primary doctor or even your pharmacist.

These professional individuals are very likely to know several good dentists, which means that the chance is high that they will be able to direct you to a reputable office.

From there read reviews about the dental office. Look on Google, Facebook, and Yelp to find more information for any of the dentists that are recommended to you. This will give you a greater feel for the dentist and staff as people are not shy to share their negative experiences.

What about if you are moving to Jacksonville, and hoping to find the best dentist practicing there? It can feel scary to not have anyone to ask for a referral when you first relocate.

In an instance such as this, why not ask your current dentist if he or she knows anyone who practices near where you will be living? This can take the guesswork out of finding a new office that you will be happy with.

Finally, when it comes to beginning the search for the best dentist you have an excellent tool to use – the website of the American Dental Association. Here you can find dental societies by state and even the area that is local to you.

2. What to Look for in a Dentist

The American Dental Association recommends contacting a few different dental offices before settling on the one that you feel comfortable sticking with.

The best dentists will not only be highly educated and proficient when it comes to his or her practice, but they will also be able to suit your needs and fit in line with your lifestyle.

Most dentists will be agreeable to meeting with you and answering any questions that you may have in order to determine if they will be the dentist for you.

3. What questions should you ask, and what should you be considering?

Firstly, it’s important to ask about the office’s hours to get a feel for whether or not selecting that particular one will match your schedule.

Also, you will want to consider whether or not the location of the office is a reasonable distance from your home or place of work.

When it comes to the dentist who would be working with you, it’s recommended that you ask where he or she received their education, and what their approach to dental care is. This would include preventative procedures, what anesthesia they use, et cetera. You may also want to inquire about continuing education and how often the dentist brushes up on dental medicine.

When at the office of the dentist you are considering, take a look around and get a feel for the environment. Is the office clean and well kept? Is the equipment tidy and kept clean? Is the staff focused on sanitation, and quick to put on gloves and dispose of waste properly? This is important to look for, as these are things you will find in a high-quality dentist’s office.

If you are ready to locate the best dentist in Jacksonville, FL use these tips.

Your oral health will thank you!

What Are Some Of 2020’s Top Professional Teeth Whitening Kits?

A great smile can be the key to unlocking professional success and a sense of personal value which is a key to self-confidence. However, maintaining that flawless smile can involve a lot of pain and discomfort – or at least it used to.

The combined effects of coffee, red wine, smoking and often a diet of fast and convenience foods would leave teeth stained. And for many who are involved in marketing or even daily interaction with others in both their professional and personal lives, this is not an ideal state of affairs.

For people who wanted a dazzling smile a trip to an oral hygienist used to be required. More often than not this visit would involve the use of instruments that looked as if they would be more suited to a medieval torture chamber. And the discomfort could be intense.

Today there is an alternative. These are the latest in the line of professional teeth whitening kits that can be used in the comfort of one’s own home.

Although in the past many of the promises that were made by the manufacturers and marketers of these kits were dubious, to say the least, the latest versions have harnessed new compounds and new technologies to make them more effective than the older kits.

However, it is important to note that the results of using a home kit may vary from person to person and that the compounds that are used in these kits may be less effective on certain types of stains.

So for those in search of that flawless smile what are the best professional tooth whitening kits on the market today?

Let’s take a closer look.

One of the most popular ways of whitening teeth is through the use of whitening strips. The market leader in these sorts of products is Crest. The latest kit that they have brought to market is the ‘Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening Kit.’

Each pack contains 40 strips and can be used for 20 days. They are extremely easy to apply, just peel off the backing and apply to teeth. The strips are activated by saliva. Leave in for 30 minutes and then remove. The active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. The strips can even remove deep stains that would otherwise require a trip to the dentist.

For that urgent and pressing need to get your teeth a shade or two lighter you are going to need a kit that acts quickly – not one that takes weeks to provide a great smile, enter the ‘Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit‘.

The kit comes complete with ‘trays’ that you will need to mold to your teeth. They are softened by immersing them in hot water. Bite down on them and they will match the contours of your bite pattern. Then squeeze some of the gel into the applicator.

Bite down onto the applicator and leave it in place for 20 minutes then remove and rest for 10 minutes. Then another 20 minutes and so on until you have completed a 2-hour cycle (four applications). This kit also uses Hydrogen Peroxide but adds Potassium Hydroxide to the mix. This is harsher than the Hydrogen Peroxide but means that it is faster acting.

The application can cause a mild burning sensation. Use a toothpaste that is designed for sensitive teeth for a week after applying.

The GLO Science ‘Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device‘ is about as close as you’re going to get to the kind of teeth whitening you would get at a dentist’s office. A gel is applied to the teeth and then the device is switched on and inserted into the mouth (think of it as resembling a sports ‘mouthguard’).

The heat and light from the device activate the gel. It will automatically shut off after 8 minutes. Each session is split up into four 8 minute treatments. This treatment is pricey when compared to others but the manufacturer claims exceptional results in just under a week. You are going to pay that premium price, but the results are just about as close to professional as you are going to get with home treatment.

Professional teeth whitening kits have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. It may take some trial and error to find one that is best suited to your individual needs. But persevere and you will enjoy a brighter smile.

Can Charcoal Actually Whiten Your Teeth?

The topic of charcoal for whitening teeth is taking the internet and the globe by storm. And while charcoal is being considered by thousands as the holy grail of the oral care industry, most of us are quite skeptical about whether it really works or not. Our article dives into the hot topic of whether or not charcoal toothpaste does actually work or not.

When it comes to finding this product, you can easily do so at your local drugstore or even in the supermarket. And as of lately, there are new and groundbreaking studies that are carried out in order to determine the significance of such a product.

If you’re familiar with charcoal, you’ll know that you can find activated charcoal in a series of products around your home such as in your water filters.

In essence, activated charcoal is used to absorb substances that may be harmful to us.

By using charcoal in toothpaste, it is said to be a binding agent that goes on to interact with everything in its path. These being viruses, stains, bacteria, tartar and it can even take care of business all the way into your tonsils.

Additionally, charcoal possesses so much power that it is even employed within the medical field for treating patients who have been poisoned.

One of the biggest questions to date is the overall safety of charcoal toothpaste. Simply put, there are several highly credible sources existing that indicate that charcoal actually provides only a small amount of protection from actual tooth decay. However, there is also very little to support various claims about the wonders of charcoal toothpaste. Industry experts also indicate that when persons with fillings utilize charcoal toothpaste, it adheres and becomes quite difficult to remove.

And there have also been cases where users’ gums become quite irritated due to particles being stuck in them. With that said, there are also some serious concerns regarding the safety on teeth enamel. Most have said that due to its abrasive texture, charcoal being applied to your teeth in the form of toothpaste can actually cause some damage to your enamel with frequent use. And as we’ve said before, charcoal tends to absorb everything in its reach.

Charcoal is in no way completely bad for your teeth but on a long-term basis, it might not even do too much for that million-dollar smile. This is because when you brush your teeth, the toothpaste doesn’t really stay on your teeth long enough for the charcoal to actually work its full magic. So, if you’re interested in keeping up with this new trend, be sure to exercise some caution when you brush and your enamel won’t wear all the way down.

Additionally, activated charcoal can be used along with your typical fluoride toothpaste to give a whiter smile. And since we’re all about fighting tooth decay, fluoride will ensure that your teeth stay extra healthy for a long time to come.

In keeping with the topic, if your teeth have been stained, chances are they were stained by either dark drinks and food, tobacco, red wine, and even coffee. And if you’ve got surface stains, they came from the previously mentioned foods and drinks.

Surface stains reside on your layer of enamel and are easily removed with the use of surface whitening tactics and toothpaste. However, if they go deeper, you’re going to need to use some possibly harsh options to whiten below the outer surface of your teeth. So, be sure to take extra care of your teeth because you get them for life.

As we conclude we have just looked at whether or not charcoal toothpaste works for whitening teeth. The bottom line of the studies conducted is that charcoal toothpaste can actually be used for the purpose of removing the stains that are found on the surface of your teeth; this just simply means that it can’t actually whiten teeth. And while you may not know, whitening teeth isn’t truly ever accomplished with the use of toothpaste at all; but as we’ve stated, it can aid with removing some of your surface stains.