Articles selected are of special interest to provide school personnel, parents, and students with a framework for managing diabetes effectively in the school setting. The information dispensed here will help school nurses to educate others about this important topic.

It’s Back to School Time!: The Role of School Nurses in Preparing a Medically-Safe and Supportive Environment for Students with Diabetes — 09/15

Helping Maya: The Role of School Nurses in Addressing Diabetes and Eating Disorders — 09/14
Diabetes Resources for Schools and Families: An Update From the National Diabetes Education Program — 05/14

The TODAY Trial: Type 2 Diabetes in Youth — 11/13
HBO’s The Weight of the Nation for Kids: Opportunities for School Nurses — 09/13
The Storm and a Rainbow: The School Nurse as Diabetes Care Manager — 05/13

Enhancing Behavior Change in Students With or At Risk for Diabetes — 11/12
Fats and Diabetes: Good Choices for Children with Diabetes — 09/12
Helping Students and their Families Make Healthy Food Choices — 05/12
The Advantages of Insulin Pump Therapy — 03/12
Lowering Diabetes Risk in Youth: HEALTHY Study Findings in Middle School Children — 01/12

National Diabetes Education Program:Diabetes Update Articles in Review — 11/11
Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed:A Guide for School Personnel — 09/11
Pediatric to Adult Care Transition Challenges and NDEP Resources — 05/11
Adolescent Diabetes and Reproductive Health — 03/11
New Habits: Introducing the National Diabetes Education Program’s Online Library of Resources to Help with Behavior Change — 01/11

Healthy Holiday Eating for Children with Diabetes — 11/10
Helping Students Cope with Diabetes: The Role of the School Nurse — 09/10
The American Diabetes Association’s 2010 Clinical Practice Recommendations — 05/10
Managing Diabetes Emergencies in the School Setting — 03/10
The Role of Physical Activity in Diabetes Management and Risk Factor Reduction for Type 2 Diabetes in Youth — 01/10

Diabetes Resources for Schools:Update on National Diabetes Education Program Resources — 11/09
Diabetes Study Findings: What Do They Mean? — 09/09
What it Means to be an Adolescent with Diabetes — 05/09
Understanding Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Sensors — 03/09
Diabetes Care in the Very Young at School and Day Care Centers — 01/09