One Of The Most Rewarding Professions In The World – Being a School Nurse

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There are very few professions that can supply that rare balance of financial reward and the knowledge that you have simply made someone’s life better. I have been lucky enough to have provided care to young bodies and minds in my position as a school nurse in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

That balance between getting a paycheck and watching young minds thrive has been both a privilege and sometimes a huge responsibility. It can be frustrating at times – there is a balance that has to be found, a balance between the needs of a student and the concerns of the parents of that child. However, I have found that most parents are delighted to find someone who cares deeply about those under her charge. They place the welfare of their loved ones in my hands on a daily basis – and their concerns about that welfare are often simply a result of worry.

That is the challenge. It’s just about medical knowledge. being a school nurse is also about understanding people. Those people may be teenagers, those just starting their journey through the school system – or parents. You have to be a people person.

Of course your qualifications matter. But you are not dealing with numbers- you are dealing with human beings. A skinned knee and providing information about vaccinations, or providing a simple sympathetic ear are all part of a day’s work.

I have shed a tear on many occasions. Sometimes when I see a child hurting – but more often in joy as I see them grow and flourish. Being a school nurse is all about tears. However, it is a job that will give you more joy than it is possible for me to express. For those who are exploring this career – be strong and remember – you will make a difference to someone’s life.